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-$60 (30 minutes)
-$100 (60 minutes)
-$120 (75 minutes)
-$140 (90 minutes)

*There is a need based sliding scale by request.  
*$20 extra for hot stone massage

​​​​As my practice and style has developed over the years I often combine many different modalities and skills to best meet my clients' needs.  Some are listed below in detail, others have developed over time and are a bit more nebulous.

Craniosacral Therapy using gentle pressure CST releases restrictions in the soft tissue surrounding the central nervous system. Stresses and strains the body endures daily (and especially with trauma) can lead to distortions/ restrictions in the brain and spinal cord, affecting the performance and balance of the craniosacral system (which can affect just about everything else).  The CS system is evaluated by feeling for the ease of motion and rhythm of the cerebrospinal fluid pulsing throughout the brain and spinal cord in various areas of body and then light touch is used to release restrictions and improve ease and balance of the system.

Sports/ Orthopedic Massage combines various treatment based techniques to heal injuries and correct postural dysfunctions with relaxing, though vigorous, massage.

Visceral Massage is bodywork focused on the viscera (organs).  Our organs are an inextricable part of both our physiological system, but also our basic physical structure and often must be addressed to create comprehensive, lasting change.

Medical Massage is another code word for treatment based massage in this industry, but may also specifically involve working with a "medical" condition such as fibromyalgia, diabetes or high blood pressure.  

Intraoral Massage is gloved work on the muscles inside the mouth and is highly effective in relief from Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) (content continued below)

Trigger Point Therapy involves static pressure on central holding points within the muscular system allowing holding patterns to release, pain referral patterns to resolve, increased flow of blood and nutrients to the area and toxins and metabolic waste out.  This technique can be instrumental in reducing pain, increasing range of motion and performance, and releasing chronically stuck areas.

Muscle Energy Techniques are a variety of techniques which combine the clients voluntary contraction of targeted muscles with therapist technique to lengthen, strengthen and relieve spasm in muscles as well as to breakdown adhesions/ knots and relieve excess tension.  This can be instrumental in regaining a sense of stability after injury.

Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction is a technique developed by James Cyriax and involves deep friction perpendicular to the muscle fibers of the targeted muscle.  This helps to break up scar tissue and decrease pain, holding and tight bands of muscle fiber or knots.  It also aids in restoring proper muscle length and range of motion.

Myofascial Release works to relieve restrictions in the fascia (connective tissue that envelopes and connects all muscle fibers, tendons, ligaments and organs in the body) which can cause pain, limit range of motion, hold physical trauma memories & limit progress from other forms of massage & physical therapy.  It involves slow, stretching strokes directed at the fascial layer moving from broad to specific.

Basic Lymphatic Drainage involves gentle, rhythmic activation and support of the lymphatic system flow.  This supports the immune system, reduces swelling and inflammation, aids in detoxification and overall health and is extremely relaxing.

Swedish Massage is one of the most well known modalities.  It is smooth, fluid, relaxing and invigorating.  It stimulates the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems while relaxing the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  This is the standard relaxation massage and a deeper tissue variety is also offered as desired by clients.

Pre-Natal, Labor, Post Partum (PLP) Massage has been used for centuries across the globe to nurture pregnant women and their babies within.  This is a period of dramatic structural, physiological, psychological, emotional and social transformations and this massage takes these into account while ensuring proper positioning and care for both mother and baby.  It is a pampering, rejuvenating time for mom to relax and get the care she needs and deserves in this time of giving so much to others.  Labor support is also offered.

Integrative Therapeutic Massage focuses on increasing the mind, body, spirit connection.  This modality is very client centered and often includes breathwork, verbal interaction, visualization, and sinking into and reflecting on the layers of physical sensation.  This can be very effective in helping clients to move past holding patterns and increasing a deeper awareness of their own body, breath and sensation.

Trauma Work in this context is a combination of nervous system release, visualization & energetic techniques to help unwind/ release trauma on a somatic level.

Zen Shiatsu is similar to acupressure with finger, palm, and elbow pressure.  It is a centuries-old form of Japanese bodywork balancing the flow of energy (ki) through the energetic pathways (meridians) of the body. 

Hot Stone Massage enlists the help of heated and oiled basalt or river rock stones to warm tissue, release chronic tension and assist in deep relaxation.  It also increases blood, lymph and nutrient circulation to focus areas.  Contract therapy may be used with cold stones on joints or inflamed areas.  I also do treatment based sessions with several rocks on an isolated area for active hydrotherapy.

Vibrational Healing is a form of energy work involving chakric and general energy body balancing and integrating.  The free, full flow of energy created with clients can nourish and promote a sense of well being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Sensory-Motor Manual Therapy works with the client’s sensory awareness to expand their sensory motor processing to a more normal state when it has been limited due to injury or trauma.  Touch is generally slow, light and horizontally applied.  This process has proved effective in relieving holding and freeze responses as well as involuntary muscle spasm and overuse injuries.

Visceral Massage is bodywork focused on the viscera (organs).  Our organs are an inextricable part of both our physiological system, but also our basic physical structure and often must be addressed to create comprehensive, lasting change.