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​​"I have had chronic leg pain and loss of mobility for five years now.  I have consulted with 13 doctors and at least seven other medical professionals, and had six knee surgeries.  I've been on six prescription pain medications and have undergone major back surgery in attempts to control the pain.  After all of that only one professional has given me any relief and that person is my massage therapist, Fox, at Boulder Integrative Massage.  My progress is slow but steady and measurable.  The pain levels are way down, episodes much less frequent and I have greater range of motion. ."  -Don

"I have been going to Fox for several years because of neck and back problems that physical therapy had not been able to help with. Before finding Fox, I had gone to several different massage therapists but was not feeling any improvement. Fox is excellent - she truly is an exceptional, extremely professional, skilled therapist. I needed someone who could provide a "medical based therapy" - not simply a massage. She has advance training that has been extremely beneficial.  I am no longer on any medications, I feel so much better, and the pain I had been experiencing for many years is virtually gone.  She has been able to restore my quality of life. She is a tremendous person - very kind, understanding, compassionate and patient but above all, her depth of knowledge and her skills are unequaled. You will feel very lucky, as I did, to have found her." - Jenny


Boulder Integrative Massage

Boulder Integrative Massage

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