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Therapeutic Massage and Craniosacral Therapy in Boulder, CO

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Fox Magdovitz, Owner, RMT, CST

At Boulder Integrative Massage our primary passions are: (1) relieving chronic pain, (2) assisting in post-surgical and acute injury rehab and (3) long term therapeutic relationships where the goals are optimal performance, injury prevention, deep relaxation and a real sense of thriving physically.  To do this we integrate a wide range of techniques from Sports/ Orthopedic & Medical Massage to Craniosacral Therapy, acknowledging the intricate layers of bodily healing and the necessity for flexible and individualized care.  We believe that much chronic pain and discomfort can be eased through an integrative approach to healing – acknowledging the body, mind, spirit connection and helping clients to be educated and empowered in their own health & well being.  Certified in Pre-natal, Labor and Post-partum massage, we are fully set up to pamper expectant & new mothers.  Certified in Sports & Orthopedic Massage.

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I am passionate about bodywork.  My work is very results based and I am a bit of a mad scientist in terms of exploring new techniques and processes and seeing what gets the best, quickest, most lasting results with each client & issue.  I expect to see some result within 1-2 sessions if this is an effective modality for clients (though full healing may take much longer).  I love working as a team with my clients, supporting them in understanding and having a closer relationship with their body and healing process.  I graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy and completed their extended Associates Degree program with certifications in Prenatal & Post Partum Massage and Sports and Orthopedic Massage.  I have done many trainings and classes since and don't intend to ever stop learning.