Boulder Integrative Massage
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Therapeutic Massage in Boulder

At Boulder Integrative Massage our primary passions are: (1) relieving chronic pain, (2) assisting in post-surgical and acute injury rehab and (3) long term therapeutic relationships where the goals are optimal functioning, injury prevention and a real sense of thriving.  To do this we integrate a wide range of techniques from Sports/ Orthopedic & Medical Massage to Craniosacral Therapy, acknowledging the intricate layers of bodily healing and the necessity for flexible and individualized care.  Each body’s own innate wisdom and path of healing is a source of constant inspiration and joy for us to support.  We believe that much chronic pain and discomfort can be eased through an integrative approach to healing – acknowledging the body, mind, spirit connection and empowering clients to be educated and empowered in their own health & well being.  We are awed by the rejuvenating & rehabilitating effects of bodywork, creating a  serene, relaxing environment for each client to deepen into their own experience.  Certified in Pre-natal, Labor and Post-partum massage, we are fully set up to pamper expectant & new mothers.  Certified in Sports & Orthopedic Massage.

Open Monday-Friday 12:30PM to 5:30PM

255 South 38th Street .Boulder, CO 80305

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